Stratajam LLCA Mining Innovation and Service Company.

Rock. Profit. Now.

We apply our diverse experience and the latest technologies to cut mineral exploration and construction costs while providing accurate and rapid results needed for timely decision-making with consideration for safety and the environment.

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Our Expertise

Innovative Strategies & Technologies

Cost effective solutions by maximizing use of local resources with innovative strategies and technologies.

Diverse Cultural Experience

Leveraged experience in diverse cultures, geographies, and economies to better transfer technologies.

Holistic Solutions

Multiple faceted expertise for holistic solutions.

Our Capabilities

Geospatial & Exploration Services

Expertise in geospatial analysis and exploration, focusing on efficient mine planning and resource management.

Technology Development

Developing new technologies for the construction industry with innovative cost-benefit solutions.

Patents & Innovations

Holder of patents to be commercialized, addressing long-standing challenges in mining and construction.

Strategic Relationships

Strategic partnerships in Jamaica, Trinidad, and Florida to extend our geographic reach and better serve customers.

Our Affiliators

Project Barbados
GeoSim Consulting
Bell Engineering